The Irrepressible Multicultural Life and                               Literary Times of John Nichols

                                                                          A Feature Documentary

                            John Nichols in Taos, New Mexico

 The Milagro Man: The Irrepressible Multicultural Life and Literary Times of John Nichols
(2012) on IMDb

The Milagro Man explores the colorful literary career, screenwriting escapades and social activism of John Treadwell Nichols, renowned author of the New Mexico trilogy (The Milagro Beanfield War, The Magic Journey, and Nirvana Blues), prolific scriptwriter (working with such film directors as Robert Redford, Alan Pakula, Constantinos Costa-Gavras, and Ridley Scott), and author of half a dozen ecological nonfiction books, including On the Mesa, A Fragile Beauty, and The Last Beautiful Days of Autumn. This award-winningfeature documentary, spun around the hub of extensive interviews, offers audiences intimate glimpses into the creative process as exemplified in a gifted, passionate and unrepentant radical American writer.

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